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We are a company of professional developers.

Our designs are diverse. From customization of Salesforce for our customers to the development of our own managed packages and two-way integrations (billing, document management, project management, calls).

We carefully approach the selection of personnel, our company employs proven developers. We carefully monitor that tasks are completed on time and we are constantly available to our customers. We have ambitious plans, so our processes will be improved further.

We understand business We combined agile development methodologies with best business practices and got a unique working approach which enables us to retain transparency of each project stage and velocity of development cycles.

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Our Skills

Managed Package Development
Community and Portal Development
Sergei Trusov

CEO True Sales Soft Company

"In our field, we are constantly faced with new industries and their cases. It gives a new experience. We like that. We make the lives of our customers easier and more efficient!."